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  • High Speed Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHigh Speed Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machinehigh speed gantry type fiber laser cutting machine
    The machine features
    -The 3rd generation gantry flying construction, remove error by simultaneous motors, beam no twist, light more stable, cutting accuracy is higher
    -Exchange tables
    -Laser generator separated from machine, fixed length...
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  • High Speed Engraving and Milling Machine

    Contact NowHigh Speed Engraving and Milling Machine high speed engraving and milling machine
    1: High feed speed ,saving machining time.
    2: Absorb international design ,saving non-machining time ,all casting is after heat treatment ,no tiny deformation.
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  • High Precision Vertical Milling Center

    Contact NowHigh Precision Vertical Milling Center high precision vertical milling center
    /The machine features/
    1:Super strong rigidity ,super heavy bed casting ,machine more stable and reliable.
    2:Quenched table.
    3:Humanity illumination to avoid eyesight mistake.
    4:Bob-weighting /liquid nitrogen choice.
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  • High Efficiency 5 Axis VMC

    Contact NowHigh Efficiency 5 Axis VMChigh efficiency 5 axis VMC
    /The machine features/
    1: Self design, manufacture,own intellectual property right,the only wide use 5 axis CNC control (SKY) ,can realize 8 axis 7 axis simultaneously movement.
    2:Widely used at complex curve side ,is suitable for impeller vane,big engine crank shaft...
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  • Fast Speed Vertical Milling Center

    Contact NowFast Speed Vertical Milling Centerfast speed vertical milling center
    /The machine feature/
    1: Max feed speed 48m/min ,tools exchange time 1.5S ,saving manpower cost ,create more profit.
    2: High efficiency ,reliable international CNC control ,auto tools exchange device.
    3: International popular appearance design ,high...
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  • High Precision Engraving and Milling Machine

    Contact NowHigh Precision Engraving and Milling Machinehigh precision engraving and milling machine
    /The machine features/
    1: Suitable for various material :steel,aluminum,bronze,etc,table can reach 2500mm×3500mm.
    2: Advanced design ,nice appearance ,high accuracy ,high efficiency,save space and time for customer.
    3: Easy operation and maintenance
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  • High Speed Cantilever Beam CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHigh Speed Cantilever Beam CO2 Laser Cutting Machinehigh speed cantilever beam Co2 laser cutting machine
    -Cantilevered open construction that is accessible for discharging in three directions Goodman-machine affinity, applicable for placing ultra-long and ultra-wide sheet
    -Movable cutting table which is standalone from the mainframe...
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  • High Efficiency CNC Horizontal Milling Machine

    Contact NowHigh Efficiency CNC Horizontal Milling Machine high efficiency CNC horizontal milling machine
    /The machine features/
    With good overall rigidity, convenient and flexible operation, the machine can meet kinds of requirements of large and medium-sized processing of complex shape box-type parts such asmilling, drilling, boring, reaming,...
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  • High Efficient Slant Bed CNC Lathe

    Contact NowHigh Efficient Slant Bed CNC Lathehigh efficient slant bed CNC lathe
    /The machine features/
    1: For semi-finishing and finish machining of mechanical parts.Reliable structure,convenient operation ,economical and practical,it is particularly suitable for inside and outside cylindrical surface of shaft type and plate type parts...
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  • High Efficiency CNC Drilling and Taping Center

    Contact NowHigh Efficiency CNC Drilling and Taping Center high efficiency CNC drilling and tapping center
    1: High speed mechanical spindle, speed can reach 12000r/min.
    2: 3 axes fast feed speed to 48m/min.
    3: Quick tools change time , 1.4s ,high speed cutting, high efficiency, high speed drilling ,milling, boring and taping.
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