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  • High Speed High Accuracy Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

    Contact NowHigh Speed High Accuracy Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearhigh speed high accuracy hydraulic swing beam shear
    Hydraulic transmission, tilting knife. The overall frame welding durable, use the nitrogen return, smooth fast;
    Adjust the function of the trip with promise .Up and down the blade gap with handle of the regulation, the blade gap...
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  • 5 Axis Compound Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now5 Axis Compound Laser Cutting Machine5 axis compound laser cutting machine
    The machine features
    -Avoid the traditional cutting technology tools wear and material waste (the max. machining gap is about 0.2mm)
    -Small head affected to avoid micro cracks, improve high accuracy.
    -Direct forming, no need grinding and polishing, saving...
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  • Economical Hydraulic Press Brake

    Contact NowEconomical Hydraulic Press Brakeeconomical hydraulic press brake
    performance and feature:
    All steel welding structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity;
    Hydraulic upward transmission, stable and reliable;
    Mechanical block, twisting axis synchronization, high precision; Rear block distance,...
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  • High Speed Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHigh Speed Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machinehigh speed gantry type fiber laser cutting machine
    The machine features
    -The 3rd generation gantry flying construction, remove error by simultaneous motors, beam no twist, light more stable, cutting accuracy is higher
    -Exchange tables
    -Laser generator separated from machine, fixed length...
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  • High Speed Cantilever Beam CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHigh Speed Cantilever Beam CO2 Laser Cutting Machinehigh speed cantilever beam Co2 laser cutting machine
    -Cantilevered open construction that is accessible for discharging in three directions Goodman-machine affinity, applicable for placing ultra-long and ultra-wide sheet
    -Movable cutting table which is standalone from the mainframe...
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  • W12 Series 4 Roller Rolling Machine

    Contact NowW12 Series 4 Roller Rolling MachineW12 series 4 roller rolling machine
    This machine structure form four roll type,the top roller drive,mainly through the output gear reducer,gear on and nut;Provide torque for the next roller vertical lifting movement ,through the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic oil within in the role of the...
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  • W11 Series 3 Roller Rolling Machine

    Contact NowW11 Series 3 Roller Rolling MachineW11 series 3 roller rolling machine Small-size upper-roller universal plate rolling machine main technical data Medium-size upper-roller universal plate rolling machine main technical data Large-size upper-roller universal plate rolling machine main technical dataRead More

  • High Accuracy Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

    Contact NowHigh Accuracy Hydraulic Guillotine ShearElite Machinery, equipped with a professional factory, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high accuracy hydraulic guillotine shear in China. All of our staff members are experienced and all of our products are of good quality and good price. Welcome to buy our low price high accuracy...Read More

  • High Efficiency CNC Press Brake

    Contact NowHigh Efficiency CNC Press Brakehigh efficiency CNC press brake Performance;
    * All steel welded structure,vibrating treatment of ageing for removal of internal stress,with good rigidity and stability.
    * Integrated hydraulic transmission system,with good reliability.
    * Triple support rolling guide rail to eliminate gaps of...
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