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  • Horizontal Machining Center

    Contact NowHorizontal Machining Centerhorizontal machine center
    /The machine features/
    1: High rigid inverted T type construction.
    2: High performance configuration and CNC control.
    3: High efficiency chip convey system ,suitable for box workpiece boring and face machining.
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  • High Efficiency CNC Drilling and Taping Center

    Contact NowHigh Efficiency CNC Drilling and Taping Center high efficiency CNC drilling and tapping center
    1: High speed mechanical spindle, speed can reach 12000r/min.
    2: 3 axes fast feed speed to 48m/min.
    3: Quick tools change time , 1.4s ,high speed cutting, high efficiency, high speed drilling ,milling, boring and taping.
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  • High Speed High Accuracy Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

    Contact NowHigh Speed High Accuracy Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearhigh speed high accuracy hydraulic swing beam shear
    Hydraulic transmission, tilting knife. The overall frame welding durable, use the nitrogen return, smooth fast;
    Adjust the function of the trip with promise .Up and down the blade gap with handle of the regulation, the blade gap...
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  • Fast Speed Vertical Milling Center

    Contact NowFast Speed Vertical Milling Centerfast speed vertical milling center
    /The machine feature/
    1: Max feed speed 48m/min ,tools exchange time 1.5S ,saving manpower cost ,create more profit.
    2: High efficiency ,reliable international CNC control ,auto tools exchange device.
    3: International popular appearance design ,high...
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  • 5 Axis Gantry Type Machining Center

    Contact Now5 Axis Gantry Type Machining Center5 axis gantry type machining center
    / The machine features/
    1:5L-LMX1830 5 axis simultaneously gantry machine center ,big power,big torque ,high efficiency ,big machining area,big machining margin,steady running.One time clamping ,5 facade machining.Improve efficiency 4-5 times...
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  • 3(4) Axis Gantry Type Machining Center

    Contact Now3(4) Axis Gantry Type Machining Center3(4)axis gantry type machining center LMX8012
    /The machine features/
    Add one set liner guideway on ram construction Which is the thin place of gantry structure,greatly increase rigidity ,resolve all problem that caused by low rigidity.
    /The machine features/
    1: (FEM)Finite element...
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  • High Precision Vertical Milling Center

    Contact NowHigh Precision Vertical Milling Center high precision vertical milling center
    /The machine features/
    1:Super strong rigidity ,super heavy bed casting ,machine more stable and reliable.
    2:Quenched table.
    3:Humanity illumination to avoid eyesight mistake.
    4:Bob-weighting /liquid nitrogen choice.
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  • 5 Axis Machining Center

    Contact Now5 Axis Machining Center5 axis machining center
    /The machine features/
    1: Self design, manufacture,own intellectual property right,the only wide use 5 axis CNC control (SKY) ,can realize 8 axis 7 axis simultaneously movement.
    2:Widely used at complex curve side ,is suitable for impeller vane,big engine crank shaft ,etc...
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